Whey protein

In our protein ice cream and in our soft ice mix, we use a fresh dairy product / whey product contains 7 times as much protein as milk. What is particularly important is that the proteins are combined in a different way than those in milk.

It is gently processed and thus has a fresh and good taste as opposed to processed protein powder that often do not taste very good. The whey product is an exciting alternative to milk. The protein composition more similar to breast milk than cow's milk. Breast milk contains 80% of whey protein and 20% of the cheese protein casein. In cow's milk is just the opposite. This is the reason we choose to use the whey product in our specially designed ice-creams.


Whey protein is absorbed quickly and acts as a building block Whey product is due to the predominance of whey protein easier to digest than regular milk because whey protein not first must be broken down like casein, which is why whey protein is much easier to absorb for the body, providing better opportunity for the body to maintain and build muscle mass. (1)


The whey product has also turned out to be a really good basis for our soft-ice. You can read more about that later on these pages.

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(1) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1997 Dec 23;94(26):14930-5
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