In the South Funen Archipelago, 40 minutes’ boat ride from Svendborg, lies Skarø. With its two square kilometers and population of 27, it is among the smallest of Denmark’s occupied islands.

Skarø is a flat island protected from flooding by a series of dykes along the coast. Skarø’s highest point, Vesterbjerg (Optimistically called “the western Mountain”) towers a mighty nine metres above sea-level. There is a fantastic view though, out over the sea to the neighbouring isles of Hjortø and Drejø.


Visit The Ice cream Café

Visit the Ice cream Café at Skarø and taste all our wonderful organic ice cream. Is the Ice cream Café not open, it is always possible to buy our ice cream at our self service shop and sit and enjoy the ice cream in our lovely courtyard.


During the summer we have a lot of 'Fresh ice cream days' where you can taste the ice from Skarø fresh, direct from production.


The Ice cream Café is open every day during May - August at 8.00-21.00.


From Easter to week 42 the cafe opening hours depend on the weather. 

Tel.: +45 20 46 12 01 




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